Let's Get the Party Started!

Spin the disco ball and crank up the jams.  It's time for the launch!

Most of you know that I'm pretty understated about my marketing. Actually my web presence has been laughably lame.  Over the years my websites have been barely functional, and usually ended up as little more than "internet business cards" that held a song or two, a couple pictures and contact information.  There was a reason for this.  I was performing constantly and most people would book me after seeing me live, so all I really needed online was a picture they could point to so they could tell their friends, "Here's the guy."  I watched a lot of other entertainers build websites to try to convey their entertainment offerings with varying degrees of success, but I never needed to do it myself until now.  Besides I was too busy to have the time.  Thankfully the website tools available online these days afford me the opportunity to update the site from anywhere, on any device.  Thanks to these miraculous tools I'm back online just in time.

November 10, 2015 the whole operation moves from Savannah, Georgia to St. Louis, Missouri, which is a terrific home base to start ranging nationally as a pianist and DJ entertainer.  When I was on the road we played the Midwest often, playing venues large and small from Duluth to Detroit to Dallas. Like any hopelessly compulsive road warrior I've been spending the last year acquiring smaller, lighter, more high-tech equipment to facilitate easier travel, and now I'm even ready to book dates overseas with my new internationally-compliant wireless and electronics!  Instead of coming to St. Louis to see me live, potential clients can get their first impressions online before calling to discuss their events, so they don't have to worry about who they're talking to if we haven't met.

Choosing entertainment for a wedding or a special event can be like shopping in the giant wine section of a supermarket.  Shoppers scan the offerings without finding anything familiar enough to allay their fears about making a wrong choice.  Seasoned wine buyers make their choices confidently, but many others pace up and down the aisle while the minutes tick away, and often leave empty-handed.  Why? Because the pain of a bad choice makes "no choice" a better option.  Many will not return until they've taste-tested the product or received buying advice from a trusted source.  Here at alittlepiano.com our trusted sources will be industry people and former clients.  The taste-testing will be provided by occasional YouTube videos and informational blog posts and interviews.  I hope you enjoy the offerings, and I can't wait to hear from you.  See you in Saint Louie!