Charleston Christmas Special - Celebrating 20 Years

Congratulations to Brad and Jennifer Moranz, who opened their 20th season last weekend at the Charleston Music Hall.

This is my fifth year as musical director for the team, and I couldn't be happier or more proud of everybody and the way this one came together.  As always, Brad and Jen have cast a superior group of world-class performers.  Once again they have cultivated an atmosphere of unity and grace that allows the spirit of the season to be communicated honestly and energetically through all of the fourteen performances.  Most of the shows are sold out, but if you're coming you can expect to here a pretty raucous version of "Hallelujah Chorus" from the band, with me trying to break the piano as usual.

Starting in 2016 I'll be in Saint Louis full time, but the magic of Christmas in Charleston has me already looking forward to the next show here.  I love this show and these people more than words can say, and I promise to keep doing this as long as they'll have me.

Learn more at  Merry Christmas everyone!